It’s not for everyone 😐

Well what a great weekend!

I got call Thursday night, it was a friend telling me that’s he going to a great motocross track and camping out for the night.

It was late notice — but he wanted to invite me anyway.

Well as I had been putting in plenty of work with my online business, I said yes straight away — I’m in!

Therefore, Friday morning I was up early and got the van packed to get on my way. I didn’t have to rearrange any work, I didn’t have to let anyone down, I was just able to go!

This is one of the reasons I started an online business, for this perk.

working online

We all met up and set up our campsite, ready to have a bbq for the evening.

With my friends, i don’t know why? But they all think I have loads of money, if I did have loads of money I would have a big Winnebago motorhome with the best motorbike.

I don’t have loads of money, they all just think that.

Most of the lads there I have met before, but there was one guy who I had only seen a couple of times. I was sitting next to him most of the night.

He turns round and says to me — “I hear you sell placemats online?”

Now he said it in a way that i'm not sure if he was trying to make fun of it or not.

I'm quite excited about my amazon venture and love how simple it is to buy in bulk and sell online for a profit. A few hours work a week and it’s a business that’s open 24 hours a day.

He then asked me if I could do it for him, well this got me even more excited — I love helping people to make money, even of they eventually do better than me.

Its exciting and I suppose an addiction, because I know its so easy to do, just takes time and effort to set up, then it all runs on auto.

passive income

I must of talked for 20 minutes, explain the steps he would need to take in order to get an amazon store up and running, even explained other options to what he could sell and other avenues he could use to generate more sales.

When I eventually stopped talking, he responded with the excuses –

I haven’t got the time — You can do it 1 hour a day, and it takes as long as it takes, just make a start.

I don’t know how to use computers — If you can post on Facebook you will be able to do all that’s requited

Then it came down to the real question — Can you just do it for me?

Not really the point I said — If you have fallen at the first challenge of actually trying — You have no hope.

So that’s why building an online business isn’t for everyone.

You don’t see a profit straight away

Your not guaranteed a return on your investment

You will come up against problems

And No one will do it for you.

I understand though, this guy lived the life of a rich person.

He owned the fancy car, the beautiful house, the designer clothes.

If he stopped working and couldn’t pay the instalments, it would all be gone.

He had been moulded into a trap, a false sense of wealth, they way we are taught at school. Until he opens his mind up to another direction, that’s the way he will continue to think.

I realised why people think I have a lot of money.

Its because I will never let an opportunity of making money pass me by, I will always find a way to get what I want.

When I have an idea in my head I will keep trying to figure out a way of getting it.

I talk about it a lot and they eventually one day I have it.

I suppose it a sort of mind manifestation mixed with determination.

I have tried to get my friends involved online, as I know they will benefit from it in the future, its not working. If you are happy with the way things are your never going to change.

My kids are my latest challenge, if they start now by the time they finish school they can move out!

It all starts with YOU taking action — Start Here

I am on a journey where in changing my job from an electrician to an online entrepreneur